10 Rules for better life

10 Rules for better life

People around the world try to plan life in a way that it to become better, happier and healthier. Each of us want positive life, less stress, less misunderstandings and more happy vibes. Here are 12 important rules of life that will make your lifestyle definitely better:

  1. Start your day with 2 glass of water .Water in the morning helps your body wake up and refreshes your whole body for the day.
  2. Try to use less sugar. Scientist agrees that less sugar help body become more active and live longer.
  3. Spend at least two hours without using telephone or internet. In global world its not easy to be aware of technologies but your eyes and brain needs to be in natural position for a while.
  4. Try to save money regularly. No matter it is just coins or dollars you should save some amount of money regularly, it will help you in future.
  5. Give yourself gifts for the achievements you have. People need to be appreciated, and the first parson who should appreciate achievements is you, so don’t forget to find time for yourself.
  6. Visit salon for once a month. Researches have shown that people who find time for themselves and their appearance are happier then others, so don’t hesitate just go.
  7. Never go to the shopping while hungry. It’s a fact that when a parson is hungry she/he can not make right decisions, her brain constantly thinking about eating and this will make you do bad decisions which you will regret later.
  8. Appreciate what you have, find time everyday to think happy about even the smallest thing you have, this will improve your mood.
  9. Find time for your inner ideas. Scientists says that every parson always have inner discussions and arguing about the world, about the beginning of life, meaning of life, don’t be afraid to face your inner wills be happy with them.
  10. Be in love and be loved. Open your hurt for changes and positive filings it will make you and people around you happier.

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