2017 Lake Toba tourism calendar released

2017 Lake Toba tourism calendar released


The North Sumatra administration has just relieved its 2017 Lake Toba Tourism Calendar, consisting a schedule of cultural events in the Lake Toba area.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the calendar was significant to attract travelers. “Schedule and location certainty is important for visitors. The days and months must not be switched because it is a reference for the travelers.

Arief also emphasize the shift of traveler behavior, particularly among young travelers. “Do not wait them to come [to the destination] if they couldn’t find a fixed schedule,” he said. The minister also referred to that travelers may have booked their travel in advance. Imagine how troubled they would be if the timetable replaced

The calendar of events was free to assistance encourage Lake Toba, one of Indonesia’s 10 priority destinations of 2017. Among the interests included in the calendar of events are festivals, music shows, carnivals  and sports events.

North Sumatra Deputy Governor Nurhazijah Marpaung said all tourism stakeholders in the province were ready to make Lake Toba an international destination. She also described that tourist activities in Lake Toba were expected to account for Rp 16 trillion (US$ 75 million) in the regional gross domestic product, and create 300,000 new jobs in North Sumatra.

Below is the list of events scheduled on the calendar.

  1. Coffee Festival Toba (Toba Coffee Festival) from May 20-21
  2. Soposurung Art Festival from Jun. 16-17
  3. Pesta Bunga dan Buah (Fruits and Flower Festival) in Karo regency from Jul. 6-9
  4. Festival Gondang Sabangunan (Gondang Sabangunan Festival) in Humbanghas regency on July 24
  5. Toba Nauli Photo Contest & Exhibition  from Jul. 27-30
  6. International Toba Kayak Marathon in Tobasa regency from Jul. 28-30
  7. Paralayang (Paragliding) in North Tapanuli regency from Aug. 15-17
  8. 2017 Toba Granfondo from Aug. 18-19
  9. Toba Rock on Aug. 25
  10. Karnaval Pesona Danau Toba (Pesona Lake Toba Carnaval) on Aug. 26
  11. Pesta Oang-oang (Oang-Oang Festival) in Pakpak Bharat regency from Sep. 6-7
  12. Festival Danau Toba (Lake Toba Festival) at Humbahas regency from Sep. 6-9
  13. Pesta Budaya Njuah-Njuah (Njuah-Njuah Cultural Festival) at Dairi regency from Sep. 26-30
  14. Pesta Rondang Bittang (Rondang Bittang Festival) at Simalungun regency from Sep. 28-30
  15. ExCOTISM T.O.B.A. BLUE from Oct. 7-9
  16. Toba Trail Run 2017 on Oct. 21
  17. Samosir Jazz Seasons at Samosir regency on Oct. 28

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