Chelsea will be nervous after Spurs' victory run - Fran

Chelsea will be nervous after Spurs' victory run - Frank Lampard


Tottenham's gorgeous form in pursuit of Chelsea will do the Premier League leaders nervous, according to Stamford Bridge legend Frank Lampard.

Spurs beat Bournemouth for a seventh straight league win and stir to within four points of Chelsea before the Blues meet Manchester United on Sunday.

"Chelsea is very aware that Spurs are there and it'll be a tough game for them tomorrow," Lampard told.

"There will be some nervousness but so there should be."

Lampard was speaking Final Score and will be a part of the analysis group on Match of the Day on Saturday.

Tottenham were eventual champions Leicester's nearest rivals for much of last season, but cut down, recruiting only two points from their final four games and ending below north London rivals Arsenal in third.

Speaking after Tottenham's 4-0 win above the Cherries, boss Mauricio Pochettino insisted his side had "improved a lot" since 12 months ago and were ready for the scrutiny and pressure of a close-fought title run-in.

"That was a very bad period at the end of last season," said the Argentine.

We expended a lot of energy fighting against Leicester, against Chelsea, against the media.

"We fought against everyone. But now we are focusing on fighting our adversary when we play.

"From the beginning of the season that was our chance to improve our mentality, our belief, and I think you can see the group and the team have improved."

Chelsea will restore their advantage to seven points with only six games to play if they beat Manchester United and former manager Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

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