Create a stunning ‘water candle’ that will impress

Create a stunning ‘water candle’ that will impress your guests right at home. Here’s how


Water candles have a magical result that offers a beautifully illuminated illusion that can liven up your home or serve as a party centerpiece. You can find floating centerpieces at many wedding showers, weddings, and other fancy events.

You can even create fun playful candles, like an ocean scene from “Finding Nemo,” or pretty much anything you can think of.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1.) Fill your candle with whatever contents you plan to fill it with.

Step 2.) Now fill the container with water. You can add some food coloring if you want your water to be colored. Leave about two inches of space between the water and top of the container.

Step 3.) Cut a piece of place into the shape of your glass container, but make it a little bit smaller because it’s going to fit inside. Food packaging works well for this. Don’t worry! Your shape doesn’t have to be perfect.

Cut an “x” shape into the center of your disc where you will put your wick through.

Step 4.) Crumble the wax off a birthday candle so only the wick is left. Cut the wick to be no longer than two inches. Soak your wick in oil.

Step 5.) Pull your wick through the “x”.

Step 6.) Pour about one/third to half an inch of oil on top of your water.

Step 7.) Plop your disc on top and light the wick.

Now you have an adorable store-bought looking candle that you made all by yourself!

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