Dad cuts his baby’s nails.

Dad cuts his baby’s nails.


Looking for something to lighten your mood? If so, look no beyond because today we have something special all the way from Brazil which is confident to make your day. While the video itself is in Portuguese, most of the sound is comprised of a baby giggling which is a language that anybody can perceive. Still, what this little girl pulls on her parents needs to be seen for itself.

Although raising a child is full of little points like these, we typically think of them as one-way situations where we try to make a baby do something. Things feel a little more exclusive when the child gets involved in the action.

dad goes her nails the little girl yells at the top of her lungs! Is she in pain? Did he hurt her? As it turns out, she isn’t in pain at all—she’s just pulling a little prank on her dad.

Once mom and dad figure out what’s going on, they start cracking up. And then the little girl starts laughing. After she settles down, dad speaks to her again, presumably telling her ok, that was funny but let me do what I have to do.

Of course, the little girl seems like she’s ready to cooperate. But once the clippers come in, she shouts again! It should go without saying that once again the room falls into hysterics. It’s pretty unclear whether she ever got her nails trimmed, but everyone in that room definitely got an ab workout at the very least.

The entire family is adorable and the content is about as relatable as it gets. The moment that children realize that they can trick their parents is almost always a hilarious one, even if it bodes for hard times ahead for any moms and dads in question. Sorry guys!

Above all though, there’s just something about a giggling baby that never fails to lift one’s spirits. In hard times, it helps to keep things simple.

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