Girl transforms her old van into a mobile home and trav

Girl transforms her old van into a mobile home and travels the world with her dog



Marina Piro and her labradoodle Odie are adventuring around the world together in an old van. The young woman was born in Italy and now lives in the UK. She wants to explore the world and she makes it.

So she makes what she want, she renovated an old van for her needs on the road, packed Odie and her belongings, and explores parts of the world daily.

Marina took two months to research how to turn a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo into her traveling home, now known as Pam the Van.

She does not know about cars before she started to renovate the car, but she learns and she does. The van works perfectly.

She tore out the van’s back seats and installed a wooden board as a floor for a comfy bed, surrounded by homey window curtains. She also replaced car lights and make Led lights.

She even built a mini-sized kitchen with a simple stove, decorated with different things.


She’s packed all her life essentials in Pam- snacks, books, musical instruments, items with memories and everyday necessities.

The redesigned Pam the van cost around £500.

Sounds great price to us to travel the world in a comfy home on wheels with your best pup by your side.

Her main goal is to make fulfill his dreams. She has created a blog called Pamthevan and an Instagram page to document her adventures.

I think everyone should take an example of this amazing girl and make your dream come true.

Many women tell me ‘I wish I could do it but would have no idea of where to start. Marina and Odie plan on traveling for as long as they can. Follow their inspiring journey.



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