GOT -who will win ?

GOT -who will win ?

Millions of people around the world activly discuss GOT and are eager to now the final episode, but before it is issued there is popular theory about how the last episode will be.

worrning!! it contains spoiler!!

According to that theory Sansa and Tyrion will get back together and Sansa will become the Queen over all.

After watching Dany murder his friend Varys, both of his siblings, and thousands of innocents in Episode 5, Tyrion has all the motivation needed to commit treason against the once promising Targaryen Queen.

Snow never wanted to be the king and alhought he loves Daenerys he saw how she killed inocent people and he will try to protect people and try to kill her and in this batle both will die.

In another hand Arya also does not want to be the leader she wants to kill Daenerys after wathing bunring people around, so the only parson who want to rule the world is Sansa and she will be the one with the help of smart Tyrion.

That is only theory and lets see if it will be proved by the last episode.


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