Harry Potter star spends 2 weeks in intensive care. Now

Harry Potter star spends 2 weeks in intensive care. Now watch his invaluable reunion with his dog


They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and the dozens of stories about a man/woman being reunited with their pup give evidence to this fact again. One of the most recent examples of the human/canine connection involves Harry Potter star, Jim Tavare, and his pooch Mr. Kippy.

Mr. Tavare was reunited with Mr. Kippy after a two-week remain in the intensive care unit of an L.A. hospital. When Jim saw his beloved pal again, he broke down into tears. The reunion was emotional for both of them.

Mr. Tavare was in a serious head-on collision that left him injured and broken. With a punctured lung, broken neck, 15 break ribs and multiple other injuries, he was unable to get home to care for Mr. Kippy. every dog owner knows, two weeks is a long time to go without their pup’s unreserved love. And it is obvious that Mr. Kippy loves Jim unconditionally.

When Jim is wheeled out of the hospital in his wheelchair, he and Mr. Kippy share a personal and heartwarming moment.

Mr. Kippy was so thrilled to see his owner again that he jumps right into his lap, his whole body wagging with elation. And Tavare is no immune to Mr. Kippy’s love. Just as surprised as his dog, Jim is overcome with emotion and bursts into tears.

Jim was overwhelmed with the support from his fans. He took to social media, saying, “Thanks guys for all the well wishes. You are all so kind.”

He even joked I’m looking forward to getting out of here, but not looking forward to the medical bills.

Sadly, his joking about the medical bill does not take away from how very expensive they’re going to be. The 54-year-old actor, who stir to Los Angeles in 2008 after a successful gig on Last Comic Standing, had two blood transfusions and required costly surgery.

Jim appreciates the love and carrying from his followers. In fact, he even asked his wife, Laura, to notify them of what was going on and to ask for well-wishes. Fans took to the post, wishing him a swift and successful recovery.


Their wishes were answered. Though he hurt multiple breaks and injuries, Jim spent just two weeks in the ICU, a relatively short period of time considering the extent of his injuries.

We’re happy for Jim that his recovery was rapid and even happier that he his best friend was able to give him the perfect homecoming. Mr. Kippy is one carrying dog and Jim one fortunate owner. Everyone should be so fortunate as to share the type of connection that Mr. Tavare and his pooch have.

Harry Potter fans and dog lovers alike will rejoice at this emotional reunion between an injured man and his best friend.


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