Husband had a vasectomy but learns wife is pregnant, wr

Husband had a vasectomy but learns wife is pregnant, writes her a card to wonder her  


It doesn’t happen often that a man can tell his wife or girlfriend that she’s pregnant without her knowing, but Tim Brummel control to know about their new child before his wife Rachel. The loving couple from Atlanta already had three unusual children and thought their family was finished, but little did they know that a fourth child was on its way.

After the birth of three children, the couple decided to have a vasectomy, in order not to worry about anticonception or pregnancies. Eight months after the procedure, Tim revealed Rachel looked “a bit pregnant”.

According to Tim, she was often tired, felt sick once in a while and ate more than usual. At the time, they were laughing the chance of pregnancy away, because they knew it wasn’t possible due to the vasectomy.

That’s when Tim implemented that he never got the test results back from his vasectomy. He got in touch with the doctor and he told him that the plan of action wasn’t successful and that they simply forgot to tell them.

Afterward, Tim hatched up a creative plan to find out if or not Rachel was pregnant. He wanted to find out without her knowing, and he decided to rig the toilet so that the water couldn’t be flushed away. He then secretly tested Rachel’s pee with a pregnancy test.

Tim surprised Rachel with the positive test when she got home. Tim even wrote a card for the big surprise. The card said: “To My Baby Mama: If you ever anxious that life would be a bore, put that scare aside, you are now a mommy of four”. Rachel responds absolutely open-mouthed and couldn’t believe it at first, but she is intelligibly very, very happy with the news. A beautiful surprise and a very heartwarming moment.

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