iD Dunedin Fashion Week struggles to compete with Adele

iD Dunedin Fashion Week struggles to compete with Adele


Otago fashionistas chose Adele over iD Dunedin Fashion Week this year, with the show's 18th outing fight for ticket sales. 

The Grammy-winning musician played three shows in Auckland on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and with many Dunedin locals traveling north, iD ticket sales lagged. 

Organizer Cherry Lucas said that while the week was a great success, the show did have an effect. 

All Black Lima Sopaga looked pretty at home on the iD Dunedin runway.

"Unfortunately, there were empty seats than we would have liked, but with tough competition coming from the Adele concerts, our sales weren't as high as usual."

For Lucas' committee, that wasn't good news. 

"This has meant we'll be running at a significant loss. The committee is planning to get together for a debrief in the coming weeks to discuss plans around how we make the event more sustainable," Lucas said. 

last year's event had a loss of $55,000, with 2015's $124,126 profit providing a buffer for both years since. 

2016's loss was due to the event clashing with St Patrick's Day and Otago anniversary weekend, the ODT reported. 

This year's shows saw appearances from All Blacks Waisake Naholo, Lima Sopoaga, Ash Dixon and Dan Pryor for Swanndri. More than 20 labels exposed at the Dunedin Railway Station. 

Nom*D, Hailwood, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Maaike and Company of Strangers impressed fans, with visiting designer Paulo Melim Andersson bringing some international fashion cred. 



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