If You Are Interested In Artificial Intelligence(AI) Yo

If You Are Interested In Artificial Intelligence(AI) You Should Try This Movie

In the modern world Artifical Inteligence(AI) is almost real thing and humanity will soon get the result what they want, but will this result be good for the man kind, this is the question. There are lot's of the films about (AI) and in my opinion UPGRADE 2018 year film is one of the best.

The set is in the near future, where the technology is in the peak, humanity is using hight tech things and their life is more comfortable. Also there are people who don't like those thechnologies and are opposing companies. There is Grey main character who is technophobe and trying to live independently without technical upgrades. One day he get serious injuar and after that he will implant new kind of Artifical Intelligence whos name is Stem and it will controle over Grey's body and mind, after that everything will change.

I woun't spoiler you and woun't tell you the whole story. I think this movie is close to our future and the things might be like this.

Let me know if you like this movie after watching.


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