In Chine tourists damaging Cherry Blossom Trees to get

In Chine tourists damaging Cherry Blossom Trees to get the picture


Whenever on a vacation or holiday there is always a moment to capture in time on your camera to save the moment but sometimes to take a picture perfect moment can never be easy and it takes effort. Some people go the distance to recreate these picture perfect moments, but today’s story involves a spray of uncivilized tourist going the distance to damage a tree for their perfect ‘selfie’.
Recently on the Chinese and Japanese media, there were stories on how many uncivilized tourists from the mainland of China have been charming cherry blossom trees by shaking, climbing and even kicking them to make the pink cherry blossom petals to fall beneath them for just a picture!

Areas in which these beautiful trees grow are being destroyed by this Tourist who comes to visit.
Authorities in Nanjing who catch these tourist acting out against the state-owned tree violently will be blacklisted.
Recently, these cherry blossoms have been blooming in Nanjing. A woman who visited the area where the beautiful trees grow was caught ascend the tree for a photo and in the end getting herself stuck in the tree as well She isn’t the only one caught on camera behaving this way. Another man was c kicking the cherry blossom tree just to make the petals fall while he poses for the camera. You can see too a number of petals already fallen from the tree!

I can’t imagine how shaming enough it is for a country to be represented like that. The reason why I say that is because the Japanese media have coined this uncivilized behavior as “Chinese-style flower viewing/appreciation” because it happens often enough already. The behavior is referred towards the Chinese tourists from mainland China who climb, kick, bend the branches and even pick some of the flowers just to put it in their hair.
These actions have resulted: broken branches, irreparable damage to the trees and even littering in their parks that the cherry blossom trees tend to grow.
The Chinese tourist has always been a trouble to deal with, you should this with your own eyes. I understand that not all Chinese people are like that, even if it’s only ten percent of the population. Clearly, we know who’s the culprit of the damaged public property.
What do you think about this? What should Chines authorities make to avoid this terrific situation? Share with us your opinion.

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