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Irish dancers stand in front of camera, perform stunning dance routine to “Shape Of You”


Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You is a song that lovely much everyone lovesIt has a great beat that you can’t help but dance to and lyrics that you can recount too.

However, there’s one particular group who are anxiously waiting for Sheeran’s next video for his song Galway Girl, about an Irish girl who falls in love with an English man.

Irish dancers across the globe are all strutting their stuff to the beat of Sheeran’s songs with the hashtag #Step4Sheeran to try to get in his video, which he will be shooting in Ireland.

Among the dance troupes, contesting for Sheeran’s attention are girls from the Hession School of Irish Dance in Galway, who are now calling themselves “Ed’s Galway Girls.” Eight girls from the school got together to perform a medley of Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

The girls are clicking their heels away to the beat and skipping and jumping around before the song switches to traditional Irish music of A Lovely Madness by Beoga.

Sheeran, however, recently revealed that Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Brooklyn, will star as the “Galway Girl” in his new video.

Nonetheless, the girls from the Hession School of Irish Dance have put on a phenomenal performance to a song we all love which you can watch below.

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