Little girl gives a street musician a coin, unknowingly

Little girl gives a street musician a coin, unknowingly sets off an epic flash mob


Street performers have many dissimilar talents. Some are dancers, others are singers, others are even comedians. You never know what you are going to get when you step up to a street performance.

When this little girl gave a coin to a put performer, she had no idea what a surprise she was about to get!

The artist stood alone with his instrument, facing a large crowd when a young girl put a coin in his upward-facing hat. The man instantly began to play a lovely tune. Little did the girl know there was much more in store!

The man was quickly joined by another performer, who sat in a chair that had already been set out in the plaza. She effortlessly joined in, creating a beautiful euphory between the two instruments.

As time went on, more and more instruments united into the symphony. Eventually, the girl stood facing an entire orchestra, complete with its own choir!

Spectators were amazed at the magnitude of this execution. Children climbed light poles to get a better view, and some even waved their arms like conductors. The whole plaza burst into life. The orchestra played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” which is the anthem of the European Union.

It is easy to see that this song resonated with the audience. Impressed audience members nodded their heads, and looks of joy and approval swept through the crowd.

This grand performance was orchestrated by the Spanish bank, Banc de Sabadell, which is the backdrop to the orchestra. The bank coordinated 100 musicians and vocalists from the Orchestra Simfonica del Valles, Amics de l’Opera de Sabadell, Coral Belles Arts, and Cor Lieder Camera. It was truly an impressive performance.

The little girl who started it all must have been completely shocked when she revealed the magnitude of the orchestra. Not many of us have the opportunity to see a live opera before we are teenagers, let alone ever. You can watch this amazing video for yourself below.

This magnificent performance shows how much people can accomplish when they come together. This video reminds us that unforgettable moments can come in unexpected ways.

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