Man doesn’t recognize his wife after a long surgery,

Man doesn’t recognize his wife after a long surgery, tells her “Man, you are eye candy!”


They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but this man got a chance to involvement in his luck without having to lose anything!

Jason Mortenson was feeling a little woozy after his surgery. When his wife, Candice, walked into the room to exhibit Jason support he had no idea who she was! What happened next was hilarious.

“Did the doctor send you?” Jason asked Candice, thinking she was one of the nurses. “Man you are eye candy!” he blurted confidently as he held up part of a cracker. Candice was flattered. She giggled as her delirious husband marveled at her beauty.

Jason was completely captivated by the strange woman in the room. He couldn’t take his mind off her. “Who are you? What’s your name?” he asked, confused about why such a gorgeous woman was sitting next to him. What she said next took him by surprise.

“My name’s Candice, I’m your wife,” she explained to him. Jason was completely shocked! His eyes widened and his mouth swung open. He couldn’t believe that this incredible woman was really his. Jason couldn’t contain his excitement. After a few profane expressions, he began to accept that what Candice told him wasn’t too good to be true. Candice giggled the entire time. She was glad to know that her husband still thought she was beautiful after their years together.

Jason got to feel how lucky he was to have Candice in a unique way. He later admitted that he did not remember the incident, but his feelings for Candice are the same as they were in that hospital bed.

This funny story reminds us how lucky we are to have loved ones in our lives. You can watch it for yourself below.

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