McCain sees NSC in 'disarray' after Michael Flynn's res

McCain sees NSC in 'disarray' after Michael Flynn's resignation

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacted quickly after White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn announced his resignation, this fact is calling more inquiries into Flynn's dealings with Russia.

On his way to a Senate Armed Services Committee briefing, Sen. John McCain commented briefly on Flynn's resignation, he saying that there are lots of questions which white house should answer.

Mc cain said that "Obviously, there's an administration that is in significant disarray, as far as national security is concerned, and they need to fix that..

Flynn apologized to vice president mike pence about his conversation with Russia’s ambassador. Flynn came under fire to discussing US sanctions on Russia in December.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters this morning that President Donald Trump "made the right decision to ask for his resignation."

  At a news, conference Rain said that it’s very important that they realized that they were being misled by his national security adviser.

Ryan thinks that the administration will explain circumstances wich led to this and that we should get all information before we prejudge anything.

Eliot Engel democratic member of the house posted a statement.



House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was one of the few Republicans who speaks out after Flynn's resignation

Flynn — who has always been a soldier, not a politician — deserves America's gratitude and respect, for his dedication our sacurity.


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