Mix colored cream together in a container. End result i

Mix colored cream together in a container. End result is a tasty ‘galaxy ice cream’



Recently, people have been looking to the cosmos for creatively, even when it comes to their food. You may be familiar with the galaxy tendency where people are turning all types of things into a starry mix of blues, purples, grays.

We’ve found a wonderful recipe that incorporates this trend with delicious ice cream. Not only is this dish joke to eat but it’s, even more, fun to look at.

Here’s how to make Galaxy Ice Cream.



Step 1.) Beat your whip cream on medium in a large bowl until top start to form.

Step 2.) Add in your sweetened condensed milk, as well as your vanilla by everything is mixed together well.

Step 3.) Separate your mixture into separate bowls, one for the a piece color you want to use, and mix in your colors.

Step 4.) Take a large container and plop in spoonfuls of different colors into the container.

Step 5.) Swirl your colors around with the end of a spoon for a marbled effect.

Step 7.) Add your sprinkles or edible glitter in.

Step 8.) Freeze for 4 to 6 hours and enjoy and out of this world dessert!




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