Nike Air Max 1: How It Revolutionized the Sneaker Indus

Nike Air Max 1: How It Revolutionized the Sneaker Industry


 1987 was a great year for entertainment and culture. Aretha Franklin became the first woman install in into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Simpsons made its first television arrival Michael Jackson released Bad and Nike released the inaugural Air Max sneaker, the Air Max 1.

For Nike, the Air Max 1 went down in history as a key and innovative design that elevated the brand when they needed it most. its 30th birthday—also known as Air Max Day—is approaching and as Nike dedicates an entire month to its celebration with more issue than we can keep track of, how the Air Max revolution started.

In 1981, Nike was making design buildings on the brand’s Oregon campus. It wasn’t until four years later, in 1985, that he would begin conceiving footwear. He applied his architectural background to sneaker design and it didn’t take long for him to impart a rebellious spirit into the recently struggling brand.

The ‘80s started well for Nike, they’d purchase 50% market share in the U.S. athletic shoe market and were on track to become a one billion dollar company. Bright colors, bold patterns, and  neons embellished the era, and Nike needed something more hit. Nike’sCortez, Waffle Racer, and Tailwind had proved popular in the past but they didn’t apprehend the experimental nature of the time.

Nike’s Air technology wasn’t new; it was developed by former NASA engineer Frank Rudy and introduced in the Air Tailwind in 1978.

Nike had been trying to make air technology smaller, increasing its size and indicating it was a provocative idea.

Nike’s first sneaker to reveal the Air-cushioned sole, the Air Max 1, finally issue March 26, 1987. It was Air Revolution and Air Safari. Forland sad that he was at an airport right around the time the first Air Max sneaker launched. He was calling a tech in the lab when someone walked by wearing a pair.he stared at him from the phone booth and said, ‘Somebody bought them. I see the Air-Sole going up and down!’ It was a big risk, but bigger reward.”

Air Max has been the gift, the innovation led to a sneaker series that’s still going strong thirty years later. Air Max 90Air Max 180Air Max 95Air Max 97Air Max Plus, Air Max 360, Air Max 2015, amongst others, have all notably followed the original. This year, alongside the Air VaporMax, Nike debuts the most innovative Air Max 1 to date, the celebratory anniversary edition Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0.

we’re throwing a month-long party to celebrate Air Max Day 2017, find out more here.

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