Playboy's Noor Tagouri Says Gigi Hadid Is Not the Key t

Playboy's Noor Tagouri Says Gigi Hadid Is Not the Key to U.S. Muslim Relations

The first woman the chosen one in Playboy wearing a hijab says Gigi Hadid can't bridge the Muslim world to the U.S. for one simple reason ...
Because she's not really Muslim.
We spoke with Noor Tagouri, who occurred in Playboy's October issue -- fully clothed and she had her own take on Gigi's disguised cover shot for Vogue Arabia.

PLAYBOY magazine and a hijab-wearing Muslim woman don’t usually go hand-in-hand.
American journalist Noor Tagouri has changed all that, emerging in the magazine’s October issue wearing her hijab proudly.
Decked out in jeans, a skin jacket, and Converse sneakers, the 22-year-old said her goal is to become the first hijabi anchorwoman on commercial US television.

Tagouri believes her experiences as a Muslim woman have made her a better reporter.
She told playboy that she think to be a hijabi Muslim woman, helped her gain that trust from interview subjects.
She receives a lot of hate and criticism online, but she doesn’t read or pay attention to any of it.
As for her decision to wear the hijab on television, Tagouri says it’s a no easy decision.
It empowers me, says Tagouri. It helps her do what she want to do.

Unlike Tommy Hilfiger, who thinks Gigi could be an ambassador of type ... Noor's not willing to put that kinda force on the model.
Yes, Gigi is half Palestinian, and she steed against Trump's Muslim ban and she has millions of social media followers but Noor says that hardly makes her a rebellious.
However, Noor who stars in the Newsy docu-series, "A Woman's Job" accept the supermodel could be a powerful voice.IF she wants to be.
Your move, Gigi.
Vogue has chosen Gigi Hadid as the cover star for its first print edition, on newsstands from March 5.


The cover shows Hadid – a model with Arab roots via her Palestinian father - as we have never seen her before.
Vogue Arabia is a magazine with the authority and intuition needed to capture the creativity of a distinctive, evolving, and often misinterpreted part of the world, sad Vogue Arabia’s editor-in-chief, Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz.

Vogue Arabia is the twenty-second international issue of the magazine, and Hadid has already mark covers for more than half of them. She has fronted issues of Vogue in Britain, China, the US, Germany, France, France, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Holland, as well as several aspects on the cover of Teen Vogue. Next on her hit list: Mexico & Latin America, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Portugal, India, Turkey, and the Ukraine. She still has a piece of catching up to do on the two most prolific international Vogue cover girls: Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen. Moss has never appeared in Turkey, Thailand or India's covers; Bündchen has never enhanced the cover in the Netherlands; and neither has appeared in the Ukraine or, now, Arabia.




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