Singer’s New Restored Porsche 911 Was Born to Roar It

Singer’s New Restored Porsche 911 Was Born to Roar Its Way up the Swiss Alps


Singer Vehicle Design, one of the most creative Porsche 911 restorers in the world, has unveiled its new “Mountain View” model — and it’s feasible its most beautiful yet.

The company has lovingly rebuild Porsches since 2009, unveiling stunner after stunner like the navy blue “Fiona,” the mustard “Aurora,” and  the kitschy “Manchester.” This new model gives each of them a run for their money with its pale blue finish and custom gold wheel decoration.

The handcrafted refit also continues inner with pale blue flooring, while the center console, steering wheel, dashboard, and seats come in a luxury dark brown.

Whereas some of Singer’s other models look perfect for screaming down a west coast freeway or snaking around the British countryside, this one looks like it was born to rip-roar its way up the Swiss alps. Check it out above, and head over to company’s website for more pictures and information.

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