Surgeon finishes strenuous 28-hour shift. Then bystande

Surgeon finishes strenuous 28-hour shift. Then bystander takes photo of him sleeping on floor


Some jobs can be more stressful than others, and being a surgeon definitely gets up there in terms of stress and fatigue.

Surgeon Luo Heng from the Dingman County in the Anhui province of China just had a very long day. The doctor has been fulfill surgery for over 28 hours straight, without breaks.

Heng performed five dissimilar surgeries in his 28-hour shift and was totally exhausted afterward.

He couldn’t even go home anymore and decided to crash in the passage of the hospital he works at. Someone took pictures of the tired doctor and posted them to the restricted and Chinese-only social network Weibo, where the post quickly went viral.

Luo did two of the five surgeries during his night shift, but still had three more surgeries to attend to the following morning.

The pictures were also widely spread across social media with lots of users praising the doctor for his hard work and dedication.

One particular comment holds a lot of truth and an important lesson: “A doctor is not only a career, but a doctor is also a person.”

After possibly saving many lives, this heroic and dedicated doctor has surely deserved a good night’s sleep.



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