Tax Apps for Small Businesses

Tax Apps for Small Businesses


If you want to start a business and have a limited budget you may be stuck doing your taxes on your own.

IRS2Go (iOS, Android)

This is the official mobile app of the IRS, is perfect for business owners to get advice. With IRS2Go, you can check the status of your federal income tax refund, make a payment on any taxes, and get free tax preparation assistance from an IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistant in your area.

H&R Block Mobile (iOS, Android)

The H&R Block mobile app connects you directly to tax professionals to make the filing process easier. You can upload any other documents and send them to a tax pro.

TurboTax (iOS, Android)

You snap a photo of your tax documents and the app coaches you through every step of the filing process, You can be connected with an expert live and on-screen to get answers as soon as you need them. TurboTax also checks for deductions and credits.

Shoeboxed (iOS, Android)

Shoebox keeping your receipts, bills, and other financial documents organized is as easy as taking a picture. Once you upload your document in the app, it automatically spots the important information, such as vendor, date, total and payment type.

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