Taylor Swift "Stalker" Arrested

Taylor Swift "Stalker" Arrested


A MAN accused of embarking on a ruthless stalking campaign of Taylor Swift has been arrested in New York. The man, 29-year-old Mohammed Jaffar, is charged with theft and stalking, according to Page Six, and is barred from getting in contact with the Shake It Off singer.

According to law papers, Jaffar was hoping to get face-to-face contact with Swift and, in trying to do so, continued to arrive at the singer's Tribeca penthouse apartment - which she bought for $20 million in 2014 - even when told to stay away. On February 6, he managed to enter the building and stayed outside the front door to Swift's apartment, before taking to the roof of the property, in a visit that lasted four hours, confirmed by surveillance footage.

On a separate occasion, he is accused of ringing Swift's doorbell for an hour, as well as making 59 calls to Swift's management between January 27 and February 16 asking to be put directly in touch with her.


Swift's friend Gigi Hadid faced a similar situation in 2015 at her own New York property. Last October the man in question - Marcell Porter - was committed to a psychiatric by a Manhattan judge. Hadid sold the $2.45 million space soon after.

A MAN was arrested outside Taylor Swift's New York home yesterday, reports this morning suggest, after frequently ringing the doorbell and loitering. The man - whom Page Six has named as Lucas Vorsteveld, 25 - was described as disheveled and "disorientated" when he was picked up at the Tribeca address.

Although Swift - who is often pictured entering and exiting her apartment in New York - was not thought to have been at home at the time of the disturbance, her private security team retook the man and alerted police, who picked him up soon after. The man has not been charged with any crime and was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital for evaluation rather than the police station.

It's not the first time that Swift has suffered at the hands of an overly eager fan keen to visit her at home. In February of this year, two men were removed from the house by police in two separate incidents over a period of a couple of weeks after both were found loitering outside her Beverley Hills and LA homes.

Swift's friend Gigi Hadid sold her NY apartment last year after her own drama. A man was arrested after attempting to gain access to the model's home, in nearby SoHo, and later appeared in court on related chargesHadid sold the apartment following -but, she reclaimed, not as a result of the incident.



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