Teacher’s shocked students can’t afford bikes, rais

Teacher’s shocked students can’t afford bikes, raises $80k and buys bikes for all 650 students


When one of Katie Blomquist’s students told her that he wanted a bike, but had never carry one, it broke her heart. To her, every child should have the chance to feel free with the wind blowing in their hair as they ride through their neighborhood.

It’s the basic childhood right – it’s joy,” the North Charleston, South Carolina teacher told.  Every single child deserves that, a bike is one of the top articles that represents that.

So, she distinct that she would make that happen for the 650 students at Pepperhill Elementary School and get them all bicycles.

Blomquist set out to raise $65,000 through an online fundraising campaign. ahead she knew it the campaign went viral which garnered major corporations to contribute as well as talk show host Steve Harvey who donated $40,000.

I’ve learned that people really do want to be a part of good things,” she told The Post and Courier. “In my mind, I imagined it being this community thing and locals-supporting-local thing. But I didn’t really understand just how much the community would want to be involved.”

Blomquist ended up raising around $80,000, which was enough to buy 550 custom bicycles, locks, and helmets from Affordabike which the community helped to assemble. Radio Flyer donated 100 tricycles for the younger kids. The community all gathered together to surprise the students with their new bikes.

“It became a thousand more times more amazing than I ever dreamed,” she said.

Blomquist said that seeing the joy on all of the students’ faces was one of the happiest days of her life, and it was likely one of theirs.

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