Teen sings “Hallelujah” into a well in Italy. The e

Teen sings “Hallelujah” into a well in Italy. The echoes from the well create a chilling sound


The 17-year old Tiffany Day went on a school journey to Venice, Italy. She was traveling there with her high school choir and classmates through spring break and went to see all the beautiful Italian cathedrals.

When Tiffany spotted a tire well in the city, she decided to test out the acoustics. She instantly started to sing Leonard Cohen’s world famous song Hallelujah. It didn’t only reach and echo in the well as a clip of the teen singing pristinely has gone viral across the entire globe.

With over 132,000 retweets and 316,000 likes, Tiffany’s voice soon reached hundreds of thousands of viewers and went viral. After the small part of the song, Tiffany also shares a quick and pretty smile to end the video.

Tiffany has promised to release more videos of her singing and recently released a full version of her Hallelujah cover.

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