The couple goes to adopt their 6th baby. Then hospital

The couple goes to adopt their 6th baby. Then hospital surprises them with twins


Allison and Josh were college sweethearts when they married in 2000. They knew they wanted to start their family right away and figured they would as likely as not have around two kids.

However, it didn’t completely happen that way.

They ended up having three, Abby, Jack, and Isabel. Allison and Josh have very big hearts and settled to open up their home to their adopted son Micah. Not long after that, Allison gave birth to Julia.

Though they had three more children than they anticipated to, they were a very happy family.

Little did they know that their family would grow even larger. Allison got a call on her 38th birthday that she couldn’t decline.

She called his husband to get the conversation started, but the alternative of proceeding with his typically logical, slow process of decision-making, he exclaimed, completely! This is so clearly an answer to what we’ve been praying.’

When the baby’s mother went into labor, the whole family leaped in the car for a 10-hour road trip to meet their new family member. When they were on the way, the adoption attorney called and asked if Josh had both hands on the steering wheel.

Not only was the baby about to be born, but two babies were about to be born. It was twins!

It was something akin to ecstatic, overwhelmed, terrified delight,” Allison said.

Just as the fear was turning into elation, they got a call with some bad news. They weren’t sure if the female twin was going to make it.

When they arrived at the hospital, they found a healthy baby boy, that they named Sam, waiting for them and a tiny 3-pound baby girl who was born without a brain. The doctors said they knew that this isn’t what the family signed up for and said they would understand if they didn’t want to take the baby girl.

“She’s our daughter,” Allison and Josh both said at the same time.

The family spent three weeks at the hospital with the baby cuddling, singing, praying and loving her. Eventually, she was able to be flown to a Children’s Hospital where the family lives.

Ava Leigh Lewis was eventually able to go home after 44 days in the hospital, but the family knew she wouldn’t be able to stay with them forever.

They have different visits a week from her hospice group, and as much as we’ve come to love and treasure our nurses, their visits are a reminder that Ava’s life on earth will likely end much sooner than we would ever want,” Allison wrote. “We talk publicly with the kids. They know that Ava’s life will be far shorter than what any of us would want for her. But they know that we’ve got a lot of love to pack into a short period of time.”

This family knew that Ava wouldn’t live very long, but they decided to put their hearts, time, and finances into making sure the days she did have on earth were filled with love. This is truly a family of earth angels.

Unfortunately, Ava did leave this world in May 2016 leaving the family heartbroken but filled with hope.

“And while the grief may seek to destroy me and the darkness threatens to consume me, my hope lies somewhere else than what I’ve witnessed over these past few days,” Allison wrote. “A peace finds its way into my heart as I rest in the assurance that Ava – that delight whom we loved on earth for 178 days – has new eyes that are open to see something far greater than my mind can even comprehend. Ava Leigh Lewis is beholding The Light.”

A family friend has started a donation fund to cover the family’s “vomitous” adoption costs and medical expenses.






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