The dress which flies off the shelves  

The dress which flies off the shelves  


You’ll have to be quick

You know a dress is going to be a winner when everyone’s talking about it before it’s even hit the shelves.

The dress in question is a beautifully gingham number from none OT beautiful mark, who are having a pretty good year so far concluding by the success of that Beauty & The Beast coin wallet.

It’s been producing a bit of a hum ever since being previewed at the spring/summer press event, with many fashion editors and bloggers having featured it already.

And we can see why. Gingham is a big trend this season, as are bell sleeves, so this dress is just what you need to update your spring wardrobe.

It’s not just the fashion industry that’s going insane for it either. The bargain high-street store says they’ve had countless customers asking about it.

A spokesperson for Primark said, ‘Since we showcased this piece at our SS17 press event we’ve had an unprecedented amount of customer enquiries.’

It goes into stores the first week of April, and with a £15 price tag, it’s anyone’s guess as to how quickly it’ll sell out.




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