They spot dog with broken legs stranded in canyon, then

They spot dog with broken legs stranded in canyon, then learn dog’s been lost for 1 month


On Halloween last year, thieves broke into Jackie Perdue’s San Diego home. They left the door open, and her afraid dogs Zoey and Coco ran away. Jackie was overruled and didn’t think she’d ever see her pups again. But thanks to a little luck and the help of some devoted rescuers, Jackie was reunited with one of her dogs.

For a month after the burglars broke into her home, Jackie didn’t know where her dogs were. But then, a researcher named Jack Mcinerney observed a dog on the observation cameras he’d placed in a canyon to watch wildlife. The dogs’ back legs were clearly broken and she was scared, but she was alive.

After a long search, they finally found Zoey at the bottom of the canyon. The saving team put a harness on her and lifted her out of the canyon and into Jackie’s waiting arms. Jackie was overwhelmed with emotion and Zoey was thrilled to see her mom again.

Zoey was a lease to the veterinarian, who said that she had a broken back and legs. She began going to physical cure to learn how to walk again.

Jackie is quiet searching for Coco, but she’s hopeful that she’ll come home soon. Meanwhile, Zoey is making amazing progress with her physical cure. On her blog channel, Jackie revealed that Zoey has begun water remedy, and she can now lift herself up and bear her weight on her two front legs. She also has toe straps that help her walk a little on her back legs.

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