Tourist is lost and alone in the Amazon forest for 9 da

Tourist is lost and alone in the Amazon forest for 9 days. Then wild monkeys save his life


The Bolivian Amazon Forest sure is a good place to play hide and seek, but the Chilean tourist Maykool Corseo Acuña was lost in the famous forest area until he got saved by a category of monkeys.

One would say this could come straight out of an Indiana Jones film, but Maykool managed to direct for over nine days alone in the rainforest.

The 25-year old tourist was camping together with a few companions at a remote and distant spot in the rainforest. It was only reachable by boat and the nearest village was miles apart.

After a quick journey together, Maykool got separated from the group. His associate wanted to take part in a so-called Pachamama ceremony to thank Mother Nature for allowing them into the rainforest. After the ceremony, Maykool was nowhere to be found.

The group searched for hours, but their actions did not succeed. As stated by to the religious native guides, Maykool ‘had offended Mother Nature and his body was taken over by Duende, an evil spirit’.

However, it appears Mother Nature had other plans for him as he was found nine days later and about a mile from the base camp. He was completely dehydrated and lost a noticeable amount of weight. He also suffered from bites and stings from the vast wildlife.

When he was eventually found, Acuña certainly had an interesting story to share. He heard a voice in the woods at night and started running. He tosses away his sandals, phone, and flashlight. It seems he wasn’t thinking straight and was completely disoriënted when he came to his senses.

How did Maykool survive for over nine days? Thanks to a group of monkeys in the Amazon. He followed the animals on multiple occasions and they cared for him and provided him with food. They also pointed him in the right direction for shelter and drinkable water.

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