Travel websites ticked off over 'misleading' pretension

Travel websites ticked off over 'misleading' pretensions


Web sites that show transaction prices for flights, hotels and other travel bookings, are not giving customers accurate information, say European consumer protection authorities.

The first price shown was frequently much lower than the final price, they said.

Some proposal that looks too good to be true, are - because when you click to buy they aren't available.

"These websites are deceptive consumers," said Vera Jourova, the EU commissioner liable.

The Consumer defense Cooperation body said the 235 websites that they had identified would be required to correct the problems.

If websites failed to consent, national authorities could pursue legal proceedings, it said.

"The companies anxious need to respect the European consumer rules, just like a travel agent would," said Ms. Jourova, the EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender fairness.

Key findings:

         In one-third of cases, the first price shown was not the same as the final price to pay.

         In one-fifth of cases, promotional offers were not really available.

         In nearly one-third of cases, the way the total price was calculated was not clear.

         In one-quarter of cases give rise to on scarcity only applied to availability on that particular website, which wasn't made clear.

The CPC showed the sector in October 2016, covering 28 European countries. It checked a total of 352 sites, comprise ones offering to book accommodation, transport tickets, and car rental. Some were price comparison websites.

It also found that over a fifth of the sites it looked at presented consumer analysis in an unclear way, sometimes throwing doubt above their truthfulness.

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