TV show honors Jackie Chan, but it’s the people stand

TV show honors Jackie Chan, but it’s the people standing behind him that bring him to tears


Jackie Chan is generally loved. He is amazingly talented, humble, produced iconic movies, and is overall a genuinely good guy.

Thus, to see this heartwarming wondered organized simply to honor Jackie Chan’s life work is truly touching.

In an inexpressible moment that can only be expressed with tears, Jackie Chan turns around to find his brothers of his 1970 stunt team behind him. In this very moment, nostalgia, dreams, and reality overwhelm the legendary 62-year-old actor, causing tears to run down his face.

This amazing moment happened during an incident of a Chinese TV show, where the segment paid respect to international movie star and stuntman Jackie Chan.

As a tribute to the actor plays, Jackie stands in front of a group of young men who were currently a part of the stunt team he co-founded in the 1970’s.

Then, something unbelievable happens.

As Jackie is focused on the video the stunt team created, featuring interviews from his old members, a group of older gentlemen consisting of Jackie’s original stunt team enter the stage. They shuffle their way in front of the new members, sneaking quietly behind Jackie.

Jackie, none the wiser, goes on to talk about the tremendous chance there is for the new generation. As he turns out to emphasize his point, he freezes.

His team, that he hadn’t seen in years, are all standing behind him. To bring him back to reality, they all collectively shout, “Big brother!”, and then, Jackie bursts into tears.

The way this moment is captured in the video is so touching and spiritual. It truly stirs your heart, causing a myriad of emotions all at once. One can only surprise how Jackie must have felt at that very moment, but to see him go around and one at a time embrace each member of his former stunt team compels a smile on your face.

See this amazing point for yourself. If you wish to see a big surprise, skip ahead to around 5 minutes into the video. Though watching the clip in its whole builds up the right emotional response, and is well worth it.

What a beautiful reminder that there are good, pure things in the world.

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