Why are Korean Designers Killing it Right Now?

Why are Korean Designers Killing it Right Now?


Korea has raked in billions from its myriad pop-cultural exports to the West; its television, music, technology and beauty experts are responsible some of the most infectious cultural trends in the U.S. and Europe today. Now, Korean fashion is leaping to the global stage. why are Korean fashion designers killing it right now?  Right now, there aren’t many Korean designers enjoying the heat of global industry attention, but that could all be about to change. As the global press diverts from the de-facto fashion capitals (Paris, New York, London, and Milan) to unearth new talent, Seoul’s base of young designers is leaving a strong impression.

Korean fashion designers all have a fearless affinity for adapting and honing in on what consumers want sad Janne Chung. It’s a strategy that makes their ostensibly genderless fashion and off-kilter approach to color more seductive to the intrigued Western fashion buyer. Last year, Vetements took an“Official Fake” capsule collection to Seoul during the city’s fashion week.

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