Wife can’t sleep, then takes out camera and records h

Wife can’t sleep, then takes out camera and records husband giggling hysterically in his sleep


The title of this YouTube video is called “Wife Catches Husband Giggling in his Sleep,” but when you click play, you’ll immediately discover that “giggling” is an understatement.

In a video that made me laugh out loud for two direct minutes, this man shows that sleeping can be a blast! Props to this wife for recording this joyous man and not making a single peep of laughter herself.

With lapses among outbursts, you have to wonder what this man is dreaming about. Who is he having a dream-conversation with that is making him laughter so hard? What jokes are being told? What events are going on in that head of his? I fairly want to know.

As someone who routinely cries in her sleep (yes, it’s true!), I envy this man his peaceful – nay, joyous – slumber.

In a refreshingly simple video, this man’s wife captures a moment of clean, unadulterated joy not commonly seen in adults these days. So many of us are always so stressed out, overworked, and just plain tired to truly enjoy life. We cannot tell from this video what this man’s situation is, or what his everyday life is like, but what we can tell is that he definitely finds the time to let loose–even if it is in his sleep!

One viewer says, “I wish I had his dream.” I’m sure that that viewer is not alone.

Another viewer says, “Imagine being the wife and waking up to that laugh for the first time,” an image that brought about more laughter!

While some viewers had negative comments to make about this joyous moment, most thought, like me, that it was a truly awesome two minutes of happiness.

My favorite comment by far sums up my feelings about this video: “That’s the way life should be.”

If anything can be learned from this man, it’s to make the time to laugh a little more, as a moment of laughter can really light up another person’s day.

Don’t take my word for it, though – watch this video and see for yourself how contagious this man’s sleep-laughter actually is.


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