wonderful ideas for dyeing and decorating Easter eggs

wonderful ideas for dyeing and decorating Easter eggs


Easter is coming right up which means it’s time to dye the Easter eggs! This is definitely one of the best Easter traditions with so many chances to be creative. What doesn't kid love transforming a tedious old egg into their very own masterpiece? It’s a great time for the whole family. In the Easter egg dyeing spirit, we’ve rounded up fun and creative ways for your family to decorate your eggs this year.

Trust us, these are Easter eggs that everyone will want to find!

Confetti Eggs

On the outside, these may look like your average colorful Easter eggs, but on the inside, the yolks are replaced with confetti! They’re perfect Easter brunch party favors.

Easter Stripes

This is such a fun twist on the classic egg dyeing method. The best part is that it’s easy to do! The secret is to use electrical tape. The dye doesn’t get underneath the tape when the eggs are being soaked. Striped eggs are bound to be one of your favorites.

Marble Eggs

The hippest member of your family can probably already tell you that these marble Easter eggs are super trendy. Marble print is everywhere this year, so why not incorporate it into your egg hunt? Making these is as easy as cracking an egg, and the results are absolutely stunning.

. Eco-Friendly Eggs

This is another beautiful way to go green this Easter. Not only is it eco-friendly and naturally colored dye, but you can also learn how to make cool plant designs, too!

Behold the sparkliest way to shake up your Easter egg decorating traditions! This is a dye free way to add some pizazz to your egg hunt.

13. Speckled Eggs

These are super easy to make and the kids will love it! All you have to do to make these speckled eggs is dye them how you normally would, and then flick brown craft paint on them once they’ve dried. It’s that simple!

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