Young couple Tired Of Being Asked When Will They Have A

Young couple Tired Of Being Asked When Will They Have A Baby and Posted These Pics


The social pressure of having a baby can be exhausting, but this couple decided to respond with humor. They have been married for three years and claim that everyone is asked them about pregnancy, they were tired of all this so both of them agreed to introduce their new family member as soon as he joined the house. Meet Leelu!
Australians Abby and Matt did a similar photoshoot with their puppy, and two Austin-based comedians even used a burrito.
The internet is constantly attacking us with stories of celebrities announcing pregnancies and births. These announcements might bring joy to some, but for this couples that aren’t ready for babies, the pressure of these stories can be enormous.
The world’s baby fever leaves people asking the young couples in their life, when will you have a baby?
Some of the couples are not ready for this, Well, if you’re not ready, this question can get boring very quickly.
If you understand what we’re talking about, then you are going to love this witty couple from New Zealand.
Matt and Abby were tired of constantly being pursued grandchildren by their families, and they had the perfect response to the pressure.
Instead of trying for a human baby, they instead welcomed a fluffy puppy into their lives.
She sad that they are married 3 years and everyone is bugging them about having a baby. Close enough right?
It’s not the first time that something similar happens. This couple, for example, did a photo shoot with a burrito:

And this couple did a newborn photo shoot with their dog
Playing off of the complicated photo shoot concept that many couples do it for their newborns, Matt and Abby set up an adorable (and pretty funny) photo shoot for little Humphrey.
They sad that they have seen humor all about this. You’ll understand why little Humphrey and his parents became international sensations overnight when you will see the pictures. This is really pretty.

Just look at this one!
The baby born is the most important event in our lives, a baby brings the family love and affection but some of the couples is not for this challenge and need the time.

This young couple is very creative dos not it? what do you think all about it? Share your opinion with us.

What about you? Do you get annoyed by these questions?

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